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The Clinical Assessment Process

Clinical assessments are sought to provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Common reasons for clinical assessment include ADHD, learning concerns, depression, anxiety, concussion or head injury, memory, and more. 

1. The intake appointment

The intake appointment is a 50-minute virtual session to collect your personal history and background information. We will discuss current concerns and any questions you have about testing. This information is used to choose the most appropriate tests for your needs. 


2. In-person testing appointments

Testing is completed in two appointments, about 3 hours each. We take breaks as needed and you are welcome to bring snacks. 


3. Receive your results

We will meet virtually to review your results, diagnosis (if applicable), and personalized recommendations. You will receive a formal evaluation report. 


Reports can be tailored for your doctors, teachers, and other professionals you choose. You will also receive educational material and resources for next steps.  

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