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Academic Assessment and IQ Testing

Academic assessment includes testing for learning disorders, gifted & highly capable placement, and private school evaluations.

1. Learning Disorder

Learning disorder evaluations assess a range of cognitive and academic skills. Information about each skill area helps determine why a child is struggling, what support is needed, and the best ways to provide support at home and in school. 

2. Advanced Learning and Highly Capable appeals

Brain Metrics provides cognitive and academic testing for Advanced Learning and Highly Capable appeals. Testing is typically completed in a single appointment and same-day results can be arranged. Reports are formatted to district or program requirements.

3. IQ Testing and Private School Evaluations

Many private schools and enrichment programs require cognitive and academic achievement testing. Brain Metrics offers testing designed to meet the specific reporting criteria for these programs. Testing is typically completed in a single appointment. Same-day testing results can be arranged. 

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