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Health & Safety

Here's what you can expect:

  • In-person appointment times are staggered.

  • Disinfecting occurs between appointments, including all testing materials and high touch surfaces. 

  • Air purification is used in office. 

  • The office is configured to support social distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the office.

  • Payments can be made online in the patient portal. 

  • Option for virtual intake and results sessions. 

Here's what we ask of you:

  • Please complete all paperwork prior to your appointment. We will review documents together during your virtual intake appointment and you can follow up with questions at any time. 

  • Feel free to wear a mask or request that I wear a mask at any time. 

  • Please reschedule if anyone in your household has been sick in the past 2 weeks. 

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will be required to reschedule. 

  • Parents of children 10 and under are required to stay in the waiting area for the duration of testing

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