Comprehensive Assessment

What is assessment?

Psychologists use tests and other tools to measure specific behaviors, skills, and abilities. A diagnosis and recommendations are made based on the information gathered during an assessment. For example, if there are concerns about a child's school performance, an assessment will include tests of academic achievement, learning, cognitive skills, attention, and social-emotional functioning. The information we gather can help clarify why the child is struggling in school. Once we know why they are having difficulty, we can implement the most appropriate support. 

Why get an assessment?

There are many reasons someone may seek a psychological or educational assessment. 

  • Parents want to understand their child's cognitive strengths and learn practical strategies to support development

  • Baseline testing for children who play contact sports

  • Learning and behavior concerns

  • Concerns about inattention and difficulty concentrating

  • A family history of dementia or Alzheimer's may prompt baseline testing

  • Doctors use assessment for diagnostic clarity, medication management, and treatment

Assessment can be a valuable tool for identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as understanding thinking and behavior patterns.

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