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Collaborative Therapy

Therapy is a highly personal experience. Even when you feel ready for change, it can be difficult to take the first steps. We are here to support you through every stage. A collaborative approach to therapy means each session is tailored to your personal needs and pace for change.


Although the therapeutic process is unique for everyone, understanding your relationships, life experiences, and perspective typically informs the areas we focus on. Therapy facilitates new insights and provides a setting for you to both process the past and choose how you move forward. 

Several major therapy orientations, evidence-based treatments, and education are integrated to support positive, lasting results. Play therapy is a primary treatment approach with children.

Areas of therapeutic focus include:

Anxiety and panic (ages 3+), depression, life transitions, behavior change, chronic illness, cancer treatment support, caregiver support, and emotional regulation.

Therapy is available for all ages. 

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